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Bob Sanders to Present at the 2023 Wisconsin Lodging Conference & Trade Show

The 2023 Wisconsin Lodging Conference & Trade Show is less than one week away! The Conference, held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, on November 5th–7th, 2023, delivers cutting-edge educational content tailored to the needs of Wisconsin's modern hotel industry, hospitality vendors, and industry leaders.

Taylor English partner, Bob Sanders, will present two breakout sessions: 

Cultivating Success: Harnessing Workplace Culture for Enhanced Recruitment, Retention, and Legal Risk Mitigation," explores how fostering a positive work environment can drive improved employee recruitment and retention rates, elevate overall job satisfaction, and effectively reduce employment claims and legal risks​.

Creating a Safe Haven: Building a Resilient Culture with EEOC-Compliant Strategies to Prevent, Investigate, and Respond to Harassment and Discrimination Claims in the Hotel & Lodging Industry,” discusses strategies to foster a safe and inclusive workplace which not only mitigate legal risk but also improve employee retention and build a thriving organizational culture. This empowering presentation will equip professionals in the hospitality sector with EEOC-compliant strategies to prevent, investigate, and respond to harassment and discrimination claims effectively.​

Click here to learn more about the conference.


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