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FTC Holds Public Forum on Non-Compete Ban

The FTC has announced a public forum on the afternoon of February 16 as a webcast on the FTC's website. The FTC continues to argue that "noncompetes hurt workers and harm competition by blocking workers from pursuing better opportunities and by preventing employers from hiring the best available talent." The public forum will include "speakers who have been subjected to noncompete restrictions" in what appears to be an effort by the FTC to create evidence in support of the proposed ban on all forms of noncompete restrictions nationwide.

The Federal Trade Commission will host a public forum on Thursday, February 16 examining the FTC’s proposed rule to prohibit employers from imposing noncompetes on their workers, and providing an opportunity for people to directly share their experiences with noncompetes. The forum will supplement the FTC’s request for members of the public to submit written comments on the proposed rule, which is based on a preliminary finding that noncompetes constitute an unfair method of competition ...The commission will hear from a series of speakers who have been subjected to noncompete restrictions, as well as business owners who have experience with noncompetes. After, members of the public will have an opportunity to comment via livestream. People can sign up to speak through a webform and will be heard on a first-come first-serve basis...


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