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Mind the Gap: Is Your Gig-Worker Algorithm Portrayed Accurately?

Gig workers, like delivery drivers, are developing their own software to work out if the pay they receive matches what they have been told by the company for which they provide services.  One engineer created an app to compare actual miles he had driven for Ubereats with the mileage numbers used by Ubereats to calculate pay.  Spoiler: the engineer claims the two did not match.

We can expect the availability and use of these apps to increase, and for gig workers to continue to use the information to work out which company is providing the best deal in reality versus the marketing spiel.

With the gig worker industry expected to continue to grow, exacerbated and accelerated by the pandemic, any business using gig-workers should make sure that they are clear about the formula for calculating pay.  Failing to do so could result in bad press or worse.  

The [app] automatically extracts the start and end points of each trip and calculates the shortest travel distance between the two. If that distance doesn’t match up with what Uber paid for, the [app] marks it for closer examination.


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