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Gail Holtzman Nominated as Member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Board of Governors

Gail Holtzman has been nominated to serve on the American Bar Association (ABA) Board of Governors.

The ABA Board of Governors oversees the management and administration of the ABA. Their key functions include implementing policies from the House of Delegates, managing finances, setting strategic direction, overseeing governance, evaluating programs, and promoting ethical standards within the legal profession.

"I look forward to supporting the ABA in its goals of expanding and serving its members and providing outstanding Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs, " said Gail, when asked about her plans for the upcoming term. “I have observed first-hand within the Section of Labor and Employment Law the benefits of CLE programs that provide a unique opportunity for divergent constituent perspectives and analyses. Additionally, I hope to continue the work that I have undertaken in the section to promote equal employment opportunities within the profession.”

Through her role as a Board of Governors member, she hopes to serve as a great ambassador for the organization. For a list of nominees, read the ABA Journal article here


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