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Why an Accurate List of Your Corporate Officers Matters

The high profile Dominion v Fox case* is showing how important the mundane issue of corporate housekeeping can be, and how important it is to keep filings updated and accurate. This can often get forgotten during reorganizations or when employees leave or change role. Officers are expected to have knowledge about the running of the business, and can be subpoenaed to testify about such matters. Having the wrong names listed can therefore have serious repercussions in a lawsuit.

Companies should check regularly that their corporate books and required filings reflect the actual state of affairs regarding who is or who is not an officer of the business.  

*(US Dominion, Inc. v. Fox News Network, LLC, C. A. N21C-03-257 EMD, (Del. Super. Ct. Dec. 16, 2021))

Fox News did not immediately respond to a question why Murdoch's executive chairman role was excluded from earlier court filings...[...]


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