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Enhancing Healthcare Cybersecurity: President Biden's Budget Proposal

President Biden's 2025 budget proposal demonstrates the administration’s commitment to bolstering cybersecurity in the healthcare sector. In response to recent breaches like the Change Healthcare incident, the proposal earmarks $1.3 billion in Medicare payment incentives to support hospital cybersecurity programs, alongside $141 billion for HHS cybersecurity initiatives. This funding aims to fortify the defenses of healthcare institutions against evolving cyber threats.

Moreover, the budget allocates $12 million for the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding critical healthcare infrastructure. 

Also worth noting is the fact that hospitals will be penalized for not meeting minimum security standards starting in 2029. 

By prioritizing cybersecurity, President Biden's budget proposal signals a proactive stance in safeguarding healthcare data beyond the current HIPAA standards. More than likely, security standards related to data used in AI platforms will follow. However, you will not only want to ensure that your tech platforms are secure, you will also want to ensure that your vendors tech platforms are secure too.


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