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Girls Scouts Celebrate Their History in Atlanta

The new Girls Scouts exhibit at the Atlanta History Center celebrates the history of the organization in Atlanta. The exhibit traces uniforms, badges, and the famous cookies. According to Kathleen Marran, the interim CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, the girls themselves baked the first cookies. “Girls at the time couldn’t have a bank account. They couldn’t raise funds in any way but cash. This is what they had to do. They made cookies and sold them. Then it broadened to the whole country in 1922,” Marran said.

The exhibit also celebrates the first African-American troop in Atlanta, and its role in changing segregation in the organization. The exhibit ends in late March, and is well worth visiting to get a glimpse of Atlanta history.

The Girl Scouts have a new exhibit at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. Many of the items date back more than a century. The apparel, the badges and patches, even the cookies. There’s a bowl full of replicas. . . . Part of the exhibit tells the story of the first all-Black Girl Scout troop in Atlanta from the 1940s -- a group that helped lead the way to end segregation.


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