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Making your presentation well-done

The stories about McDonald's burger makeover are rolling out. Could this be another “New Coke," or is it a necessary reaction to competition at Five Guys and Shake Shack (not to mention Chick-fil-A)?

It's a bet-the-company decision--do you make drastic changes to your familiar product to keep up with the newbies, or do you sell yourself as tried-and-true? Food is different from, say, a smartphone. People have loyalties and Proustian associations--yes, even to Big Macs!

Path #1 is to follow the changing tastes but get the tweaks just right so that the customer sees it as a “better” item.

Path #2 is to stick with your established formula and draw on sentimental attachments.

McDonald's needs to “read the crowd” just as a good lawyer needs to read a judge and jury. Which story is most appealing?

It's both food science and psychology. Pass the fries!

"The changes come as the fast food corporation gears up for an ad campaign, which will feature 'our best burgers ever.'"


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