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Focus On Skills To Retain Talent

Perhaps, as some say, we have come through the other side of the "great reshuffling." Alternatively, it may be true that employees are ever more willing to consider changing jobs. One thing that may be within the employer's control is the ability to win the "war on talent" inside the building by retaining employees as well as improving the recruiting/hiring process.

There is a school of thought that companies can succeed here by focusing more on skills than on education or experience. The potential of a middling performer might be unlocked by identifying a skills match between employee and job -- even if it is not the job currently occupied by the employee. The same principle can be applied in evaluating job candidates.

What do you think about evaluating candidate skills over education or work experience? 

Skills-based hiring creates a more resilient workforce and can be an effective strategy for employers to prevent attrition. This strategy is five times more predictive of job performance than hiring for education and more than two times more predictive than hiring for work experience.


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