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Robbin Wilder to Present on American Staffing Association Webinar

On Tuesday, August 22, I will present at the American Staffing Association's (ASA) webinar on "Connecting and Supporting HR in the Corporate World."

The ability to humanize the role human resources plays and identify ways to serve others while also protecting HR team members is critical to supporting any organization. Throughout the webinar, I will touch on my professional background experiences for a discussion on:

  • How to identify the needs of an internal HR team;
  • How to protect an organization’s HR team;
  • How to identify missing organizational roles and provisions; and
  • Ways to amplify the value of a business.

Please click the link below to register for the ASA webinar. 

Robbin Wilder, Esq., is a former HR professional and now an attorney with Taylor English Duma LLP, who will draw on these unique professional experiences to present actionable takeaways to help your business—and your HR team—thrive.


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