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Lauren K. Einhorn, Partner at Taylor English Duma LLP, Represented Buyer in $10.7 Million Acquisition of a 41,520 Square Foot Warehouse

Lauren K. Einhorn

, a partner at Taylor English Duma LLP, represented the buyer, Hammondville Holdings LLC, an affiliate of Apocalypse Manufacturing and Soflo Customs, in the acquisition of a recently completed 41,520 square foot warehouse at 2151 Hammondville Road.  

Tom O’Loughlin and Larry Genet of CBRE represented the seller in the deal, while Thomas Viscount of Avison Young worked with the buyer. 

South Florida Custom Jeeps

plans to use the Pompano Beach warehouse to fabricates existing vehicles into the Apocalypse 6x6, featuring a Hemi Hellcat engine that generates 850 horsepower or a 392 Hemi engine boasting 506 horsepower.

The six-wheeled Apocalypse 6x6 truck will be manufactured in a Pompano Beach warehouse that recently sold for $10.7 million.


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