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Conversations with TED: Preparing for an Internal Investigation for Youth-Serving Organizations

In this episode of Conversations with TED, we highlight steps to take before beginning an internal investigation for youth-serving organizations. Step one is identifying any and all insurance policies as it relates to statutes of limitations for specific charges so you know how to move forward. Step two is pulling together a team and assigning roles to stay organized and on track. Step three is pulling in an attorney (general counsel or outside counsel) with an eye on future litigation implications.  

We discuss our efforts to assist organizations with auditing and also the focus on attorneys working to proactively support clients. Protocols are another area of importance that the group addresses in terms of being prepared by way of communication around an incident (media, internal sharing, etc.) and the use of templates to be used as required. Preparation, transparency and timeliness remain critical components for addressing these types of situations.


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