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Cybersecurity: The Cost of Doing Business

I recently participated in a panel discussion on Cybersecurity: The Cost of Doing Business alongside Mike Shrubb (Sterling Seacrest Prichard) and Brandy Griffin (Crum & Foster). The conversation centered on how to become a more resilient business, understanding foundational cybersecurity requirements and offering best practices to proactively protect businesses.

Brandy addressed how preparation, auditing and cybersecurity programs are critical components of incident response. Mike detailed the role of proactive measures in the world of cybersecurity noting that even the best laid plans have breaches. He goes on to address cyber insurance as a valuable resource. I close out the discussion on the legal considerations tied to cybersecurity and attacks, the role of privacy regulations and outside counsel’s role within an organization including the importance of attorney-client privilege. View the session here: Cybersecurity: The Cost of Doing Business


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