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Leaders Should Try The "Irish Answer"

Although you'd never know it from my last name, my DNA proves that I am nearly 100% Irish. I've often heard it said that the Irish have a particular knack for answering a question with a question. How can this trait prove helpful for business leaders? After all, aren't leaders supposed to have all the answers?

This trait can be a valuable leadership tool by empowering employees or teams to find the answers to problems they encounter. By asking good questions when faced with a problem, leaders are encouraging their people to think through problems rather than simply relying on management for solutions. 

The next time someone brings you a problem to solve for them, try giving them the "Irish answer!"

[L]eaders often feel obliged to offer up solutions. But to get to the root of the real problem, or to drive innovation, they should stay curious longer before offering feedback or advice, and they can do this by asking good questions.


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