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Costs of School Shutdowns

We are beginning to see the results of school lockdowns on our children, as research studies starting quantifying the results. Numerous studies are showing increased mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Children with ADHD had a particularly hard time adjusting to virtual learning, and many of their parents suffered financial hardships from trying to balance school and jobs.  

We also need to look at these costs against the backdrop of what we know about the extremely low risk that COVID poses to children. The vast majority of them have only mild symptoms, and there is no research showing measurable transmission from infected children to adults. Our well-intentioned mitigation efforts seem to have placed a heavy burden on those in least need of mitigation.

[Children forced into virtual learning have experienced] increases in anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, conduct problems, pro-social behavioral problems, sleep issues, and worsening of preexisting mental health disorders. This, in turn, resulted in increased mental health related visits to the emergency department.


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