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Savannah Reimposes Mask Mandate for One Month

City properties, schools, hospitals, and vehicle-based guided tours are among the facilities subject to a reinstated mask mandate in Savannah that will last until midnight on 8/25. Most private businesses, including restaurants and retail, are not covered by the mandate. Such businesses are, however, "strongly encouraged" to require masks for interaction with the public. Patrons are also urged to wear masks.  

Although the mandate covers only a few enumerated types of facilities, it is broader than current CDC guidance in that it applies equally to vaccinated and unvaccinated people inside those establishments. 

The order contains several enumerated exceptions, such as while eating or drinking or if a mask would aggravate a medical condition.  

The order requires people to wear a mask or face covering in: City of Savannah government buildings Hospitals Early childhood centers Elementary and secondary institutions Guided tours within a vehicle, including cars, trolleys, buses, bicycles, quadricycles, scooters, low-speed vehicles, boats, carriages and pedicabs Federally regulated transportation


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