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Advertising World Can Keep Its Cookies For Now

Under pressure from many players, Google has announced that it will retain third-party cookie tracking in Chrome until the end of 2023. Cookie tracking for non-Google cookies was set to expire in early 2022. The idea of targeting consumers for advertising purposes is not going away -- Google will use the extra time to allow the industry to become more comfortable with its new targeting technologies -- but it is likely to mean big changes. The end of tracking cookies is intended to appease privacy advocates and regulators, but replacing them with new Google technology has raised eyebrows with antitrust regulators. And privacy advocates still have concerns. Stay tuned....

Google delayed its plan to scrap a technology that tracks web-browsing habits amid regulatory scrutiny and concerns from privacy advocates and the advertising industry over the search giant’s approach to replacing the tool. ... Google said the delay would give it more time to get publishers, advertisers and regulators comfortable with the new technologies it is developing to enable targeted ads after cookies are phased out.


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