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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) - One of the Most Critical Components of an Effective Leader

As a former General Counsel of a privately held company with over 400 employees, I found this article very informative as it stresses the importance of empathizing with your employees, especially in light of what we've all experienced over the last 15 months.  The pandemic affected each Company and person differently, presenting unforeseen and new challenges across the board.  As your employees return to work, remember to focus on how their experiences have reshaped their work/life balance, fears and expectations.  This will also prove beneficial as you interact with customers and clients on a going forward basis.

Interestingly, the greatest challenges leaders faced during the pandemic were not related to policies, logistics, organizational politics, or finances. While issues in these areas are always a priority, the greatest challenges leaders faced during the pandemic were learning to empathetically engage with their employees and their customers.


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