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Another Survey Shows Teens Have Suffered from Lockdowns

The University of Michigan recently conducted a survey of parents nationwide, who reported significant bad effects from school lockdowns.  

The survey questioned 977 parents about their teenagers' mental health symptoms pre- and post-lockdown.  46% of parents reported new or worsening mental health conditions since the lockdown.  More parents of girls than boys reported symptoms of anxiety or depression.  The reports of sleep changes, withdrawal, and aggression were similar.  

"Peer groups and social interactions are a critical part of development during adolescence. But these opportunities have been limited during the pandemic," says poll co-director and Mott pediatrician Gary L. Freed, M.D., M.P.H. "Many teens may feel frustrated, anxious and disconnected due to social distancing and missing usual social outlets, like sports, extracurricular activities and hanging out with friends." 

"Just as young people are at the age of being biologically primed to seek independence from their families, COVID-19 precautions have kept them at home,"


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