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CDC Issues Guidelines for Schools to Reopen

On February 12, the CDC issued long-awaited guidelines for schools to reopen. Not surprisingly, the guidelines are measured and drew criticism from both sides of the debate.

The CDC recommends full in-person schooling only when transmission levels in the surrounding community are very low, a standard that few counties in the U.S. meet currently. Some public health experts decried that standard as too stringent, pointing out “overwhelming scientific evidence that transmission within schools can be kept low regardless of community spread, so long as good mitigation measures are in place.” Other critics argue that schools cannot implement recommended mitigation measures without additional funding.

Nevertheless, the guidelines offer clarity about mitigation measures and some practical steps toward getting children back to in-person instruct

It is critical for schools to open as safely and as soon as possible, and remain open, to achieve the benefits of in-person learning and key support services.


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