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Louisiana Supreme Court Grants Rehearing on Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse Cases

The Louisiana Supreme Court has decided to rehear a case regarding the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases. In a 4-3 ruling earlier this year, the court had found the law in conflict with due process rights in the state constitution. Justices Crichton and Griffin, who were part of the majority in March, have now joined Chief Justice Weimer and Justices McCallum and Crain in granting a rehearing.

This decision indicates a potential shift in the stance on statutes of limitations for victims of sexual abuse in Louisiana. If the court ultimately decides to create an exception to these limitations, Louisiana may follow the lead of other states that have already implemented similar changes to support victims of sexual abuse.

In a 4-3 ruling in March, the state’s highest court had said the law conflicted with due process rights in the state constitution. Justices James Genovese, Scott Crichton, Jefferson Hughes and Piper Griffin had been in the majority in March. But in Friday’s order, Crichton and Griffin joined Chief Justice John Weimer and justices Jay McCallum and William Crain in granting a rehearing.


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