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‘Twas the Dawn Before Project Completion!

‘Twas the dawn before project completion,
And all through the site;
Not a worker was working,
The schedule was tight!

The lender's attorney nestled snug in his bed,
While visions of delay damages danced in his head;
And I at my laptop typing e-mails away,
Looked up our attorney to call right away!

When outside my office trailer, arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter;
Away to the door, I flew with a flash.
My mind in a clutter, my project bonus in ash!

The moon shone down brightly on the project that day,
As I hoped all work might get completed some way;
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But truckloads of workers with all of their gear!

With tools and equipment they all did appear,
From each of our projects -  both far and near;
My superintendents they all jumped with glee.
Shouting the name of each trade they did see!

Now plumbers, now carpenters, you too HVAC,
Now electricians, now drywallers, even painters have we;
Go complete all of your work, both great and small,
Now get to work, get to work, get to work all!

And almost on cue, my cell phone did sing,
From snug in his bed, the lender's attorney did ring;
"If you do not finish today with it all, ….
My law firm will be giving your bosses a call!"

But the site was flooded with workers all day,
Every worker was working, all working away;
Working around each other - embraced in a dance,
They completed the project without circumstance!

And as the work day came to an end,
A group of decision makers began to descend;
The owner, his representative and designers did show,
And at the back of the pack, the lender's attorney in tow!

All strode through the project – their mouths aghast,
How could the project be complete – given its past?
But then all attendees began to understand,
The last minute flurry had gone just as planned!

Their eyes -- how they twinkled – their dimples how merry,
Their cheeks like roses, their noses like cherries;
They all gathered together and threw up a cheer,
Yet the lender's attorney managed only a sneer!

And as the owner's face continued to glow,
The owner’s rep and designers asked “now where do we go?”
At the back of the pack, the lender's attorney did say
“You escaped me this time, but tomorrow's a new day!”


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