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AI Lawsuit Alleges Breach of Contracts and Violation of State Laws by Health Insurance Company

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace AI tools for decision-making processes, it's no surprise that legal challenges are arising. One recent AI litigation case making headlines involves a lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare, alleging breach of contracts with members and violation of state laws across more than 20 jurisdictions.

The complaint asserts that UnitedHealthcare's actions resulted in unjust enrichment under federal law. Additionally, the plaintiffs claim that the company's use of AI tools led to the denial of coverage when it was actually warranted. This potential class-action lawsuit raises important questions about the role of human oversight in the decision-making process.

Why It Matters

While we don't have detailed information about UnitedHealthcare's human oversight process, it is a reminder for all organizations implementing AI tools to have a clear human oversight component. This ensures that the AI tool's decisions are not made solely by machines but are subject to human review and intervention when necessary. Additionally, by documenting and maintaining a robust human oversight process, organizations can navigate the evolving legal and compliance landscape surrounding AI technologies with more confidence.

The lawsuit alleges that the health insurance company breached its contracts with members, which resulted in unjust enrichment under federal law. The complainants also claim that UnitedHealthcare violated state laws in more than 20 jurisdictions.


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