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"Supreme Court Toughens Requirements for an Accused Work to Be Deemed 'Transformative' for Copyright Fair Use Defense Purposes," Georgia Bar Journal

I am pleased to have published my article in the latest edition of the Georgia Bar Journal, discussing the Supreme Court's copyright fair use decision in Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith (May 18, 2023).

At page 5 of this Journal edition, the Editor's Letter states:

On the timely topic of technology and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), how could this issue not include an article on copyright law (featuring Warhol and Prince)? It walks through the fair use doctrine and emphasizes the importance of hiring a copyright attorney before using someone else's work to make sure the "purpose" of the new product differs enough from the original purpose to classify as a "fair use."

I hope readers find this article informative.

Given the shifted fair use legal landscape, a secondary work creator trying to decide whether to take a copyright license would do well to consult an experienced copyright attorney to obtain a fair use opinion.


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