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"Copyright Decision On AI-Generated Art Is Just The Beginning," Van Lindberg Quoted in Law 360 Article

On August 23, 2023, Van Lindberg was quoted in Law 360's article "Copyright Decision On AI-Generated Art is Just the Beginning." Lindberg discussed his opinions with the Copyright Office's current analysis of AI-assisted works and how he believes that "...the courts or the office will recognize that even a minimal amount of human direction is enough to support the copyrightability of art created with AI tools."

Read the full article here.

"This decision highlights the problems with the Copyright Office's current analysis of AI-assisted works," Van Lindberg of Taylor English Duma LLP told Law360. "Unlike the Thaler picture, AI-assisted works always have a human author that creates a 'mental conception' of the desired work and uses the tool to help create that output."


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