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Successful RTO Implementation Involves Employers Answering The "Why"

Every day it seems there is a story of another business attempting to lure its employees back to the office, at least X days per week. For workers who have adapted to remote work or unlimited flexibility, and in many cases thrived in the model, it is not unreasonable for them to ask, "Why?"

The approach taken by some companies in this regard reminds me of a parent's ultimate "shut it down" retort to a child's insistent "why" questions: "Because I said so."  This rationale may work with a child, but it doesn't exactly capture the hearts and minds of workers who have options as to their careers.

Although the "why" may vary from company to company, those employers who can best articulate their "why" to the workforce will be best positioned for a mutually successful return to office.

What is the compelling "why" to bring your employees into the office?  

“I think [employers] just got tired of talking about it and afraid of being wrong. By not talking about it, they really created the view that this is the new normal, being remote. Now it's an organizational change problem,” Cappelli said. “If you’ve been remote for three years now, and the company says you have to come back to the office, people are going to ask why.”


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