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State Privacy Law Infographic -- More than a Third of States Have Privacy Laws

State governments have been busy this year passing and enacting various statues related to consumer privacy with more than one-third of states having some type of consumer privacy law in effect or coming soon. 

As of June 2023, California, Colorado, and Virginia have comprehensive privacy laws in effect, and 9 other states have passed comprehensive privacy laws that are waiting to take effect. Additionally, 12 states have in effect or have passed laws pertaining to a particular area of privacy such as biometric data, health data, and data related to children. In total, 19 states will have some form of a consumer privacy law in effect in the near future.

Why It Matters

More than likely, your company operates, has customers, or would like to have customers in one of these states that has a comprehensive privacy law or a law pertaining to specific privacy areas. Even if your company does not have direct ties to one of these states, your B2B customers may, and may impose those compliance obligations on you via your services agreement. Now is a good time to review your privacy policies, customer agreements and procedures and update as needed.


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