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Children Do Better Getting Smart Phones Later

A new study argues that the recent increase in mental health problems among young people has a strong correlation to the age at which children obtain their first smart phones. The study is wide-ranging, obtaining data from almost 28,000 young adults worldwide. The trend held for both young people who reported adverse childhood experiences and those who reported no trauma. 

This study is an important data point, although it doesn’t claim to prove causation. Nevertheless, it adds more evidence to the belief that social media can be a significant contributing factor to  the current epidemic of teen depression.  

Mental wellbeing consistently improved with older age of first ownership of a smartphone or tablet, with a steeper change in females compared to males. The percentage of females experiencing mental health challenges decreased from 74% for those who received their first smartphone at age 6, to 46% for those who received it at age 18. For males, the percentage declined from 42% at age 6 to 36% at age 1


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