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Casetext AI Legal Assistant CoCounsel

What stood out to me was part of the quote  below: "and trust the results."  The implication is that there would be a lower bar to checking or verifying the results this AI legal assistant spits out. A few days ago I posted about a Georgia attorney getting in trouble in court for submitting an incorrect document without citations and blaming it on ChatGPT. I for one am very, very hesitant to grant too much trust in an AI tool to do my job for me. Maybe one day.... I'd be interested to know if anyone has used this tool and what your experience is.  How accurate were the results?

On Wednesday, legal research platform Casetext announced the launch of CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant that allows lawyers to “reliably delegate substantive, complex work to an AI assistant—just as they would to a legal professional—and trust the results,” according to the press release.


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