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International Privacy: Australia Moves to Update its Privacy Law

Australia has a long-standing national privacy law that is being reviewed for updates this spring.  The updates proposed in mid-February would address emerging trends including the right to be forgotten, limits on targeted advertising, children and advertising, and personal rights to individual data.  

Why It Matters

With the EU leading the way, other areas of the world are either implementing or updating their privacy laws. Canada, India, China, and Australia are among the countries where greater privacy protections are evolving. Businesses with an overseas focus are cautioned to understand what data they collect locally and what restrictions apply to its use and -- particularly -- export.  

The potential reforms cover a wide range of issues, from proposing the abolishment of the small business exemption (but only after several conditions), implementing new limits on targeted advertising — particularly ads aimed at children — and including a suite of individual privacy rights, such as the "right of erasure," deindexing search results with sensitive or inaccurate information, among many others.


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