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"Zoning and Land Use," Mercer Law Review

Taylor English partner Steven Jones and attorney Joshua Williams were recently published in Mercer University's law review article on the subject matter of zoning and land use.

In this past year’s survey, it was noted that “[t]he question of whether Georgia’s appellate courts will hold that the approval or denial of a rezoning application is a quasi-judicial decision will have to wait.” It is important to note that no definitive opinion was issued in the current Survey period. 

To read more about the significance and current impact of the Georgia zoning law during the Survey period and how it affects both you and your clients, click here.

Since 2017, this Georgia Survey of zoning law has annually chronicled judicial decisions transforming legislative zoning decisions into quasi-judicial actions, starting with City of Cumming v. Flowers, which held that a local government decision on a variance is quasi-judicial and may only be appealed by writ of certiorari.


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