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Price Increases -- Simply Not "Egg"citing

No matter what area of hospitality related law you may practice, your clients are likely being impacted by the sky rocketing prices of eggs and chicken. This continued increase in the cost of a carton of eggs is creating a budgetary issue throughout the entire hospitality industry.

Whether a hotel affiliate restaurant, café chain, or standalone restaurant, all are facing the impact of the heavy price tag of eggs. In addition to the price increase, supply chain shortages are also causing ongoing problems. Simply put, there isn't enough product. Both of these factors have a direct impact on consumers, whose decision making directly impacts restaurants and the larger hospitality industry.

All of this to say... check in on your hospitality clients. Even if you don't work with them on matters you view as "egg" specific, it is important to recognize the current struggles they are facing. A personal check in with your clients can make all the difference.

An avian flu outbreak and increasing costs of fuel, feed and packaging have contributed to an egg supply shortage and high prices in some parts of the country.