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Organizations Need Accountability Systems

A North Carolina system learned the hard way that one of its employees was shirking responsibilities and faking work reports. After a fire damaged an elementary school, administrators started investigating why the fire alarms did not go off. They discovered that the person responsible for inspecting the fire safety systems had faked the inspection forms.

Having good policies in place is essential, but it’s only the first step. Youth organizations have to set up accountability mechanisms to be sure that staff and volunteers are following the policies. Spot checks, frequent check-ins, and periodic staff meetings are all good ways to help employees stay in line with policies. Of course, it’s always a delicate balance holding employees accountable without micromanaging them. Finding that balance, however, is absolutely necessary to running a safe organization.

Roesch was the Durham Public Schools employee in charge of fire safety inspections. The man allegedly copied 2020 inspection information onto the 2021 inspection forms without actually performing the required tests, according to Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshall Mike Causey’s office.


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