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"Kelley Kronenberg Real Estate Atty Joins Taylor English In Fla.," Law360

In a recent interview with Law360's Madison Arnold, partner Lauren Einhorn discussed her decision to join Taylor English. 

"I hadn't been looking," Einhorn told Law360 Pulse in an interview Monday, adding that was until she saw an article about Taylor English's compensation model. The firm's low overhead model really focuses on partners bringing in business and allowing partners who are bringing in business to focus on their clients, is really what attracted Einhorn to the firm. 

"When I got to speaking to everyone, the breadth of knowledge and the bench of real estate attorneys, let alone every other market, I couldn't say no," she added. 

Many of the deals Einhorn works on involve office buildings, retail, multifamily buildings and industrial projects, with a particular specialization in the cannabis sector. Her clients are often developers, investors, lenders, real estate investment trusts and individuals.

When it comes to her specialty in dispensaries, Einhorn said she imagines she'll be increasingly busy as cannabis becomes more available and accessible.

The firm announced the addition of Lauren Einhorn on Thursday. Her practice is focused on commercial real estate transactions including the acquisition, financing and development of projects.


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