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| 1 minute read

Gratitude for Gathering: Winter #OneTED All Attorney Meeting

Last week our firm held its winter all attorney meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. For three days our firm was able to connect in person to celebrate our accomplishments over the past year and discuss our goals for the coming New Year!

During this meeting, we got exciting updates on the growth of our BD Pods, the success of our newly implemented associate program, and an update on our inaugural tedU class. Seeing the unique opportunities that Taylor English creates for mentorship and growth, is one of the things I am most proud of about this firm. 

This meeting was an excellent time to gather as #oneTED for the common goal of best serving our clients and each other. The firm is comprised of endless talent, personalities and drive. As Managing Partner, I understand the importance of creating community and personal relationships, and how meetings like this are vital to the overall success of this firm.

Since our all attorney meeting over the summer we have seen a large increase in the utilization of a number of social media tools. It is great to see how our attorneys are using these resources to elevate not only the firm, but their own personal brands. The lasting impact that these resources provide to each of our attorneys is unique and important to the success of both the individual and the firm.

Thank you to all who participated last week, and I look forward to when we all are back together again!


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