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| 1 minute read

Showing Gratitude this Holiday Season

As we dive into the holiday season, we tend to find ourselves wound up in garland, Christmas lists, turkeys... and our day-to-day work. It can be hard to juggle holiday parties and family traditions, while also spending the majority of our time working with clients and peers to provide excellent legal counsel. 

We all have busy and demanding lives outside of work filled with responsibilities that far outstrip the importance of our individual jobs - taking care of our families while maintaining our physical, mental and spiritual health must be our top priority if we are to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. When we first created a list of core values that defined Taylor English as a firm, one of our four foundational pillars was gratitude. And now, one of our most important TED Tenets is showing gratitude. In our people-oriented business, being grateful for colleagues and clients builds trust and confidence in our shared endeavors. 

There are many things I am grateful for, my family, friends, health all come to mind. But, I am also extremely grateful for our team at Taylor English. Without them, our past victories would not have been possible and our future successes would be far from certain. I am grateful for the time each member of our team puts in every day and everyone's commitment to our firm values. I am grateful for the entrepreneurial spirt of the firm, which constantly cultivates new opportunities, challenges and solutions. And, most importantly, I am grateful for each and everyone who makes Taylor English an excellent place to work. 


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