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The Business of Law

On Thursday, November 10, I had the honor of being a panelist on our tedU course covering the topic of the Business of Law. Alongside Jay Boros, Carla Maples, and Scott Creasman, we discussed the more intimate details of the day to day business dealings of the firm and how it takes each and every person at Taylor English to make the entire firm the success it continues to be. Whether it is checking for conflicts of interests amongst peers, checking on the paralegals' workloads, or checking in with a client with a personal touch - each of these components make all the difference for a firm that is not only successful, but is successful in working together.

An important aspect I touched on during the class was the importance of talking through the billing process with your clients. In a world where there are so many moving pieces, we all are bound to fall short, forget, or overlook a line item on an email or letter. Making sure you have taken the time to talk with your clients and explain how billing works and what they should expect will make all the difference during your working relationship. It is also imperative to be specific as to what your relationship with your client will look like going forward

It was great to hear the feedback on how other attorneys at Taylor English make these personal touches and ensure they are clear with their clients in a way that works for them. While we are all different in how we might approach a client, deal, etc., we are unified in the mission of being a purpose driven law firm that requires an excellence in teamwork to continue to be successful.


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