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tedU: Leveraging Relationships

This week, Taylor English hosted its third tedU course on “Leveraging Relationships.” In this course, a panel of firm attorneys, including Nida Rizvi, Denny Summers, Al Hill, and Manori de Silva, discussed how the word "leverage" can be used in either a positive or negative tone when developing a business or personal relationship.

Building on the last tedU course, "Building Relationships," this course used that as a foundation and based the approach of the class on the idea of utilizing your skill set, identifying key individuals that can help expand your network, and leveraging social media to share valuable content. Moreover, each panelist provided insights into cultivating strategies to improve existing relationships through effective communication.

In our business, "leveraging" can be seen, as well as used, in both a positive and negative light. There is a lot of grey area when it comes to the best way to leverage a relationship for personal or professional purposes. At Taylor English, we believe in leveraging relationships not only for our own success, but also for our client's success. This also allows us to abide by our TED tenets of "run our operation profitably" and "make smart businesses decisions."

Whether you are building key relationships from law school, a colleague you met on a business trip, or a past client, building your network is an important part of everyone's practice. The greatest takeaway you can have from the community you have built is by being able to utilize those relationships in a way that benefits you both personally and professionally, your client, or the other person in some way. In return, the network you build can become a connector for others to utilize and build relationships from their professional and personal worlds as well.


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