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The Importance of Building Relationships

This week, Taylor English hosted its second tedU course on “Building Relationships.” In this course, a panel of firm attorneys, including Joe English, Amanda Hyland, Reggie Snyder and Stephen Wright, discussed effectively creating connections with colleagues, prospective clients and mentors to help create lasting relationships. 

I find the practice of building meaningful relationships with clients and peers to be pivotal to the success of Taylor English and my practice. 

At Taylor English, we are dedicated to building and maintaining an environment that facilitates collaborative relationships, allowing us to streamline work and achieve positive results for clients. This is possible, because our attorneys take every opportunity to get to know one another and each others' strengths and skill sets. 

As managing partner, my goal is to build relationships throughout the firm. To serve our clients as well as possible, we must first understand each other and build genuine relationships. We can then apply this same practice to our clients to serve them with intentionality and purpose.


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