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July 2022, OneTED All Attorney Meeting - Day 1

This week the firm hosted our OneTED All Attorney Meeting. I was thrilled to connect with each of them in person and continue to cultivate the culture of diversity and drive here at Taylor English.

As I mentioned in Wednesday morning’s opening session, our goal is to drive value to and for our clients in everything we do. We have a unique diversity of varying practice groups and talents that have created a one of kind culture here at TED. It is important we understand the talent we have within our own firm, as well as the talent we can attract with our unique culture and structure.

Our goal this week was to make sure every attorney walked away seeing the full, developing vision of who our firm is now and where we are going. The beautiful thing about our firm is that there is no one way to do our work. Marc Taylor made a great point when he said, “We want to be relationship driven.” At the core, that is what this week was about. We have to look inward at the relationships we are building amongst our colleagues and staff in order to fulfill our promise of results for our clients.

Thank you for taking the time out of your practices this week to be here!


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