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"Taylor English Mid-Fla. Leader On Firm's Growth Outside Ga.," Law360

In an article published July 13, 2022, by Law360, Taylor English mid-Florida market managing partner Catrina Markwalter discusses the firm's growth in Orlando and the mid-Florida region. 

"We already have three attorneys in the Orlando area, and we thought it would be a good central market that we could easily access from either Jacksonville or Tampa to host events or to have a meeting space," said Markwalter. 

Taylor English is not the typical law firm explained Markwalter. The firm lends itself to very entrepreneurial types of attorneys. "The compensation model is very transparent and attorneys are paid in real times," added Markwalter. 

"Somebody with five or six years of experience who's looking to make that transition from associate to partner, or from associate to of counsel, and who has a good entrepreneurial spirit would be a very good fit for us," Markwalter said. 

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