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Ensuring Local Governments Comply with the Law - Georgia Guide

Adeptly Handle Governmental Legal Matters

Are you up to speed on local government law? Examine the disputes and challenges municipalities are currently faced with and listen as experienced faculty share their strategies and techniques for dealing with them. Get the information you need to prevent and resolve government problems - register today!

  • Stay up to date on developing cases and legal issues in government law.
  • Ensure compliance with public records access and retention laws.
  • When do open meeting laws apply? Find out what situations and email communications constitute a public meeting.
  • Explore ways to prevent and resolve public contract disputes and bidding protests.
  • Avoid employment disputes: know what personnel policies municipalities should and shouldn't have.
  • Examine the ethical considerations involved in public disclosure of government actions.
  • Discuss the current challenges facing budget committees and the legalities surrounding creative cuts and allocations.
  • Know the laws regarding government immunity and employee protections from costly lawsuits.


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