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Flood of 'Outlaw' Sex Pill Lawsuits Draws Posse of Defense Lawyers Ready to Fight

In an article published by the Daily Report, Taylor English attorneys Henry M. Quillian III and LeeAnn Jones were mentioned regarding their leadership in the defense of numerous cases brought by Outlaw Laboratory (Outlaw). Outlaw, a company that sells sexual performance supplements, is making claims and filing lawsuits against convenience stores, gas stations and retailers across the nation asserting that they are selling competing sex-drive products bearing false labels, thus allegedly violating the Lanham Act. 

Mr. Quillian and Ms. Jones represented some of the individual owners of convenience stores, gas stations and retailers in four cases that were pending in district courts in Texas and the Northern District of Georgia. Mr. Quillian and Ms. Jones won motions to dismiss Outlaw’s complaints for their clients in three separate courts. A Northern District of Texas Judge noted in oral argument that Outlaw’s tactics constituted a shake down.  

Former recipients of Outlaw’s demands in California have sued both Outlaw and its lawyers under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act for asserting sham litigation demand letters that resulted in unjustified settlements with Outlaw that they seek to rescind. A federal judge in California has denied Outlaw’s motion to dismiss in that case.

Texas-based Outlaw Laboratory has sued hundreds of convenience stores and gas stations claiming they sell adulturated sex supplements. Defense lawyers are striking back, calling the claims a "shakedown."


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