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Where Does Cannabis Stand in a Post-Coronavirus Congress?

In an article published on May 15, 2020, Reggie Snyder weighs in on the current cannabis reform initiatives and why they remain a lower priority for top lawmakers.

Citing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a primary reason, Snyder explains, “Without Sen. McConnell’s support in the Senate, cannabis-related legislation was relegated to low priority status in the Senate prior to COVID-19.” Snyder anticipates COVID-19 recovery pushing cannabis reform efforts for some time.

"Drafting, considering and passing legislation needed to address the various effects of the pervasive economic disruption of the U.S. caused by the coronavirus pandemic will likely take Congress six to 12 months, possibly longer, to complete," Said Snyder.  He added, "Given Sen. McConnell’s focus on combating the coronavirus pandemic, confirming President Trump’s stalled nominees, and reconvening stalled legislative committee meetings, the SAFE Banking Act and the MORE Act will likely not be very high on the list of legislative priorities when the Senate reconvenes."


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