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"'It's All About Communication': A Recap Of's Do We Need Offices Twitter Chat,"

On August 18, Chris Wilson joined Zack Needles, Editor-in-Chief of; Steven Salkin, Managing Editor of Law Journal Newsletters; and other industry leaders for a Twitter discussion on how office life at law firms has changed and what to expect in the future. 

One big issue asked about was if law firms lose a sense of culture if they're only interacting online. Wilson said no. 

Wilson indicated that it was all about communication. "As long as the company communicates appropriately and frequently with its employees (using available technology), then the culture of the company will continue,” he said. 

For a full recap of the Twitter discussion, please click here

Many attorneys have realized they can work from places other than their office...which has the opportunity to change the way law firms are structured/operate.


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