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Project Delivery Alternatives for Government Projects

New project delivery mechanisms are becoming more and more frequently used. Moderated by Mark Carter, this panel of public buyers, lawyers and construction executives discussed what you may need to know to stay competitive in the public marketplace. Design-Bid-Build is still commonplace, but there are alternative project delivery methods which are becoming more popular. From Public Private Partnerships (P3), Design-Build, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) to Concession Agreements; many alternative delivery methods are being used for public projects.

Our construction panel provides guidance on the increasing diversity of project delivery alternatives while utilizing real-life case studies to help you determine which method is right for you. By increasing your awareness of what is available and what you can do about them, you will be armed with knowledge of how to reduce risk and increase profitability for your government projects.

  • Barriers to Concession Agreements
  • Pros and Cons of the Different Delivery Methods
  • Experience in Other States Compared to Georgia
  • The Future of Delivery Methods


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