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"Just Sign on the Virtual Line: Using E-Signatures and Electronic Contracts in a Digital World," ACI Webcast

Now more than ever, you need to keep current on the law to ensure that your electronically signed contracts are enforceable.

Regardless of the form it takes, a contract needs to fulfill certain essential requirements. Every online agreement must include an offer, acceptance, and consideration in order to establish an enforceable contractual relationship. But what are the key differences that must be considered when contracting electronically? Jonathan B. Wilson presented a 60-minute webcast to teach what constitutes a binding electronic contract and a valid electronic signature, including:

  • What comprises an electronic agreement?
  • Different relationship scenarios that may require different uses of e-contracts
  • Certain documents that cannot be enforced as electronic contracts
  • Why evidence of formation in the electronic arena requires different practices than on paper
  • Pitfalls of formation: “Browse Wrap” and lack of meaningful consent
  • Common electronic license terms: Be sure you obtain all the rights you need!
  • Evolving issues and generally recommended practices
  • Specific recommendations for non-negotiated agreements


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