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Some Foster Kids Need More Resources Than the System Can Offer

An article from PBS takes a closer look at the problem of finding housing for high-needs foster kids. It's a complex problem, and revolves around the devastating results of the trauma that some of these kids have sustained. There is no simple solution.  As a former foster parent, I can attest that increased stipends won't attract the foster families that we need, and even increased training may not help. No matter how well-trained, few foster parents are therapists, and therapy and other professional help is what many traumatized kids need. Loving them is not enough. Our society has to start grappling with the widespread need for mental health services and the dearth of good options for those children with complex problems.  

“I don’t care if you pay a foster parent $500 or $100 — it’s not going to make their skill level or what they can do any better. They have to have the support,” said Sally Buchanan, CEO of Creative Community Services, a nonprofit in Norcross, Georgia.


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