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Taylor English's Michael Trotter Discusses What's to Come of the Legal Profession in His Newly Published Book

March 9, 2017

Taylor English is pleased to announce that Michael H. Trotter has published a book on the future of the legal profession in the United States. The book, What’s to Come of the Legal Profession?, is available for purchase on This is Mr. Trotter's third book, following two earlier overviews of law firm management, operations and economics, Profit and the Practice of Law (1996), and Declining Prospects (2012).

Over the past 20 years, many legal consultants and academics have predicted significant disruptive changes in the way the legal system operates and in the prospects of lawyers. Mr. Trotter explains why many of these changes have not occurred and provides his own view of what the future holds for the legal profession.  

"As I continue to confront in my practice every day the challenges faced by lawyers, law firms and law departments, I believe that the issues we face today are no more intimidating than those our profession has successfully addressed over the last 70 years," Mr. Trotter notes.

As part of his analysis, Mr. Trotter reviews the significant changes that have taken place in the practice of law since World War II, describes their effect on the practice of law today, and explains why the challenges now facing the legal profession are no more intimidating than the issues successfully addressed in the past.

As a corporate and business attorney at Taylor English, Mr. Trotter enjoys assisting clients in devising successful solutions to difficult business and legal challenges, and in finding answers that save companies in some cases and resolve complex challenges in others. He has served at various times as the principal securities lawyer for more than 15 public companies, and he has served as an expert witness/expert adviser with respect to law firm operations and economics in two of the largest law firm bankruptcy proceedings in recent years.

Mr. Trotter earned his undergraduate degree at Brown University, and his master's and law degrees from Harvard University.


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