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Rulemaking Continues for New California Privacy Statute

The public agency charged with enforcing California's privacy laws version 2.0 (the CPRA) will meet publicly next week to discuss the rulemaking process and give updates. There is no firm date yet by which the agency will publish its final rules. Those rules will give more details on how companies must comply with California's CPRA and how its new privacy regulators are expected to act.  

Why It Matters

Organizations subject to the new privacy rules taking effect 1/1/2023 in California are anxious to know the final contours of the law and get a sense of the enforcement priorities of the new privacy regulatory body. The fact that the law passed in November 2020 and we still do not fully understand how it will be enforced makes it difficult for companies to plan. However, there are many areas of the CPRA where we know clearly what organizations must do in connection with compliance.  We will publish continuing guidance on the CPRA as 2022 and the rulemaking unfold.  

The California Privacy Protection Agency Board will hold a public meeting at the following date and time at the location identified below and via Zoom video and telephone conference


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